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Drums: Mapex Drums

Drum Set: Saturn V Exotic 

Drum Throne: Mapex

Drum Heads: 2 Ply Coated on Toms, Single Ply Coated on snares, single ply clear on kick drums.

Drum Sticks: Vic Firth
Vic Firth Logo.jpg

Drum Sticks: X55A - American Classic, X5A - American Classic, American Classic 85A

Marching Sticks: Ralph Hardimon Marching Sticks

Brushes: Heritage Brushes 

Cymbals: Samsun Cymbals
Samsun Logo_edited.png

Cymbal Series: Heritage, Absolute Brilliant, Fusion, 21st Brilliant

Cymbal Inch: 6"-10" Splashes, 16"21" Crashes, 19" Chinas, 22" Rides, 15" Hi Hats

Cymbal Case: SKB Case or Gator 

Bass Guitar: Fender

Basses: Fender American  Jazz Bass, Custom Lakland Jazz Bass, BassMods Custom Bass

Bass Strings: DR Strings, Hi- Beams

Drum Heads: Aquarian
Aquarian Drumheads.png

Bass Drumhead: Superkick 10

Snare Drumhead: Super 2

Side Snare: Response 2

Tom Top Drumheads: Super 2

Floor Tom Drumhead: Force 10

Drumhead Mute: Drumdots

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